Famous Names Dadi’ Oil

Recently, I was sent some products from a local blogshop (more information after this). They were the Lumos base and top coats, as well as a cuticle oil, all of which were from a brand called Famous Names. I have here today a review of the cuticle oil. My only bottle of cuticle oil before this was the CND Solar Oil that I bought on my last trip to the US. I have always been vaguely satisfied with it because it was my first oil and I didn’t know what to expect. But after trying this Dadi’ Oil from Famous Names, I must say that it really is so much better than the CND oil.

Before you go on though, I must warn you that you will see some gross pictures of my toes. I have very dry toes and I don’t really go for pedicures or do anything about it so it’s quite horrible. But brave souls please wander ahead:

I know! Eww! These are my toes nails in their regular state. Not only can you see lots of dead skin at my cuticles, you can also see that the side of my little toe is very dry. Sometimes it would get so dry that I would start to worry at the dead skin and try to peel it off, which is probably not the best thing to do.

Here is my first application of Dadi’ Oil. Instant hydration as you can see! The oil is 95% organic, which is a plus point with me, as I like to be as hippie as possible. The three main oils are avocado, olive and jojoba oils. There is also Vitamin E. The oil is thicker than the CND Solar Oil but it absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy. And it smells amazing, quite like the smell that hits you when you first enter a luxurious spa!!!

These are my toesies after one week of application of the Dadi’ Oil. As you can see, my skin has become a lot softer and you don’t see horrible streaks of dead skin anymore. I think they look pretty clean and okay despite my continued lack of pedicures. This is a vast improvement for me and clearly, not all oils were created equally!

Oh, I just read something very interesting. Apparently, both the Solar Oil and the Dadi Oil were created by the same person, Jim Nordstrom. He used to be the chairman of CND until it was sold to Revlon and now he has his own company Famous Names. Well, Dadi Oil is a huge improvement over his original creation, the Solar Oil, so good on him!

If you would like to give this oil a try, you can check out Bittersweet Pea’s blogshop or go down to Kenju nails. The oil’s retail price is $38.90 for 0.5 oz but right now it’s being sold at a launch price of $25.80. All these prices are in Singapore dollars.

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