China Glaze Raspberry Festival

2 coats, sunlight

I was looking through some old photographs and chanced upon this really old swatch of China Glaze Raspberry Festival. This is a raspberry red with silver glass fleck shimmer. I’m salivating looking at all this juiciness.

With China Glaze Ruby Pumps, night

For the life of me, I cannot remember why this photograph is so bad. But here’s a comparison with Ruby Pumps, which is a much deeper red and contains bright red glitter. You cannot tell from this crappy ass photo but Ruby Pumps is 10 times more gorgeous. Seriously, it’s like Raspberry Festival’s sophisticated sister.

With Essie Matte About You

Raspberries mattified! I asked Tom if this looked like raspberries to him because they are his favourite fruit. He said the nails looked more like dragon fruit…!


China Glaze Grape Juice

2 coats, shade

2 coats, sunlight

Sorry for the three-nailed swatch. My index finger was hurt so I couldn’t put any polish near the wound. This is yet silver glass-flecked lacquer from China Glaze’s 2009 Summer Days collection. Yes, it’s an old collection and I’m late to the game but here I am, Grape Juice! Do I look like I’m wearing crushed grapes on my fingernails?

Melissa’s nails, 2 coats, flash

Here’s Melissa’s Grape Juice manicure. The flash doesn’t bring out the silver glimmer as well as direct sunlight, but trust me, this polish glitters and dances everywhere!

Melissa’s nails, 2 coats, dim light

China Glaze Strawberry Fields

2 coats, sunlight

Strawberry Fields is a pink polish with golden glass fleck shimmer from China Glaze’s 2009 Summer Days collection. In the second picture, you can see how incredibly glossy the polish is even without top coat. My tip lines still show with two coats, so maybe a third coat would be better. This reminds me slightly of the NARS Orgasm blush, which is pretty much a pink blush with golden shimmer.

2 coats, flash

I wore this on my toes to a dance performance where the theme was pink and bling.