OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees

Alicia’s nails, 2 coats, sunlight

Where are the Pyrenees? They are a chain of mountains in southwest Europe that borders France and Spain. This is very apt, considering that the polish is part of OPI’s Fall 2009 Spain collection. As you can see, two coats are inadequate. There are bald spots and the colour is less dense than ideal.

With three coats, you can see this polish is its full jelly grey glory. I decided to compare it with NARS Midnight Express because I thought they had similar consistencies. Both had a jelly texture, albeit Midnight Express more so than Suzi, while Suzi had a very subtle shimmer. I really like this polish. It somehow manages to be soft and dark at the same time.

With China Glaze Millenium and silver striper pen

I wore this look for a week, which is a long time for Poppynails-land.


China Glaze Lorelai’s Tiara

Alicia’s nails, 2 coats, sunlight

My first impression of Lorelai’s Tiara was Gilmore Girls? It was quickly followed by Aww… what a pretty colour! This is a clear base filled with gazillions of small silver glitter and slightly larger blue ones. The polish is from the 2011 Eye Candy collection and is part of a pack of six. It’s very pretty and glacial and was so opaque it can be worn on its own. I love dense glitters like that. They are perfect for shiny French tips.

With Maybelline Cloudy Grey

Here are Alicia nails with a blue-grey Maybelline base and Lorelai’s Tiara as the glitter tips. I stuck on some other larger blue pieces from another polish and added several crystals on the ring finger and the thumb. We were trying to achieve a mermaid effect with the aqua and the moody grey. On hindsight, there could have been a greater contrast between the tips and the base polish. A darker base, for example, may have being better at bringing out the glittery effect.

I am so happy to be featuring someone else’s nails apart from my ugly ones on this page!

OPI Pirates of the Carribean

So. Alicia got her hands on three polishes from the 2011 OPI Pirates of the Carribean collection. The colours all look great in the bottles and they were definitely not boring pastels. I totally get the ocean theme.

First up is Mermaid’s Tears, a dusty blue-green creme:

Alicia’s nails, 2 coats, sunlight

Emily’s nails, 2 coats, artificial light, iPhone picture

Liyen’s nails, 2 coats, indoor light

Next up is Skull and Glossbones, a pale grey creme:

Alicia’s nails, 2 coats, sunlight

Emily’s nails, 2 coats, sunlight, iPhone picture

The last is Steady as She Rose, which is a lilac-pink creme:

Alicia’s nails, 2 coats, sunlight

Emily’s nails, with China Glaze Sea Spray as French tips, iPhone photo

Alicia’s nails, with OPI Do You Think I’m Tex-y?, indoor lighting

My favourite out of these three is Skull and Glossbones, as pale neutral greys seem to be quite hard to come by. The formula on these three polishes were generally good and were very easy to apply. Apologies for the poor photo quality though. My regular camera wasn’t available and I used one that didn’t even have a macro mode. In the end, I used the “Flower” mode but it still couldn’t make up for the lack of macro.

Zoya Luna

I’m in love with all my Zoya polishes. I like the size of the brush (unlike OPI’s Pro wide brush that is too large for nail art) and the creaminess of the formula (applies like buttah, baby). Today, I’m going to introduce Zoya Luna to you, which is one of the most versatile colours for nail art.

3 coats, sunlight

2 coats, sunlight

Zoya Luna is a pale grey polish with dense silver glitter from the Ultra Glitter 2009 winter collection. I didn’t put top coat on the swatches so you can see every bump on my nails. If you want to wear this on its own, three coats are needed as two coats will still expose your pinky nail bed.

However, the main use for Zoya Luna is not as a base colour, although you most certainly can do that if you have a New Year countdown party to attend. Instead, this is excellent for glitter tips. Behold:

Melissa’s nails, OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy, Zoya Luna, China Glaze Nova, red and silver jewels, sunlight

Emily’s nails, OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy, Zoya Luna, random small glitter, pink and white pearls, silver jewels, iPhone

Once again, sorry for the poor quality iPhone pictures. Anyway, the concept is the same for both manicures. First you apply a sheer French manicure base (as I only have one, that means OPI Coney Island), followed by Zoya Luna, which you pat on with the brush. To create texture and a slight gradient effect, use a smaller glitter over Luna and extend it beyond so that the you can see the glitter become less sparse towards the cuticle. Follow up with jewels and pearls. Ideally, you should put plenty of them, as in Emily’s nails, to create the denseness at the tips, but it may not be very practical if the person is not very careful with her nails. The more jewels, the more chances of you hitting them against something.

With Zoya Raven (black), China Glaze White Cap (gold shimmer)

Here’s a suggested look if you really, really need to use Zoya Luna as the base colour.

Essie Body Language

3 coats, sunlight

My first Essie nail polish! This was one of the goodies that I picked up on my recent trip to Hong Kong. Body Language is a pale grey-lilac creme. This is a three-coater, but thankfully it dried quickly enough. I love this colour! It’s a great neutral that is perfect for the workplace, yet still looks interesting enough for me to take a second look.

Rosiva’s nails, 3 coats, shade

Body Language looks pinker in the shade. Rosiva chose this colour to wear because she needed something quiet for her job interviews.

I thought it would be similar to China Glaze’s Light As Air, but nope, they are really different. Body Language is not as purple and it has this insanely gorgeous moodiness to it. I much prefer it!

Melissa’s nails, with China Glaze Light As Air and silver nail striper

Maybelline Cloudy Grey

Here is Maybelline Tenue & Strong nail polish in “Cloudy Grey” or “Gris Nuage” in French. It is a pale grey creme with strong blue undertones. I think this is a great and unique addition to the grey polish trend.

Here are Serena’s nails posing with a French ladybird. I don’t own any other Maybelline lacquers so I was pleasantly surprised that application was really smooth and the formula was thick and pigmented.

Cloudy Grey on toes, iPhone picture

The only strange thing is that when I tried googling for this nail polish, nothing showed up in the search results except for the French Maybelline website, which makes me think that this range is only available in France (where I purchased it). What a shame, because I would have loved to try more colours.

China Glaze Recycle

My nails, two coats, sunlight

Cheryl’s nails, two coats, night flash

China Glaze Recycle, from the Spring 2008 Ecollection, is the colour of cement. This is a mid-tone industrial grey that seems rather manly to me. I would love to see this on a boy’s nails.

Very rocker chick, no? It matches my dress. With OPI Get In Lime as the French tips.

I’m in love with OPI’s Get In Lime.

OPI You Don’t Know Jacques

Two coats, sunlight

You Don’t Know Jacques is arguably the most popular lacquer from OPI France collection of Fall 2008. When I first wore it, I thought it was brown. Then an hour later, it looked grey. Coupled with rather strong purple undertones, you can understand why people love this complex colour.

I like it but I would love it more if it were one shade lighter. When I wore this to work, my colleague expressed shock at my “goth nails.” Goth?!?!

Sherinz’s nails, with MAC Originality, white nail striper and Orly Matte top coat

This is what You Don’t Know Jacques looks like mattified. Sherinz thinks that this looks like frozen chocolate.

Orly Pixie Dust

Liwen’s nails (two coats, sunlight)

Lydia’s nails (two coats, with flash)

Pixie Dust is a pale blue-grey with silver pieces of glitter. It dries kind of matte and even a top coat doesn’t make it glossy at all. This received good reviews too. Liwen mentioned that she liked the colour the more she looked at it. It was unique without being too loud.

Pixie Dust is from Orly’s Once Upon A Time Collection for Fall 2009. Pixie dust shouldn’t be grey, don’t you think? This is like dust from an evil fairy. It’s also the first time my cousin Lydia is modelling for me, so that’s awesome. Unfortunately, her polish chipped within a day because she was very careless.