MAC Delicate

3 coats, sunlight

MAC Delicate is from the Summer 2012 collection. It is a sheer milky pink that is too translucent to be opaque even with three coats. I believe this is limited edition. I’m not sure why I bought it as I have something very similar. Behold:

2 coats each of MAC Delicate and Essie Hi Maintenance

As you can see, it’s very similar to this Essie colour. Delicate has a more milky tinge that is lacking from Hi Maintenance but it’s hard to tell them apart with a casual glance. Also, Hi Maintenance applies a lot better and you can see from the photo that it is streak free whereas Delicate is uneven in some places.

With Zoya Luna and OPI Rainbow Connection

I usually reserve sheers for French or glitter tips. In this case, I have MAC Delicate with two glitters, a silver one and a multicoloured one. I just received Rainbow Connection in the mail from eBay (gulp) and I just had to try it.

Chinese New Year manicure

Chinese Lunar New Year starts on 3 February this year and it’s the year of the rabbit – one of the cuter animals in the Chinese zodiac. Since the celebration takes place over 15 days, while the festivity starts a month before, I had plenty of time for Chinese-themed manicures.

Serena’s nails, OPI An Affair In Red Square (red), MAC Originality (gold), China Glaze Treasure Chest (gold flakes), evening light

Serena sported the traditional colours of red and gold for Chinese New Year. The designs on her index and ring fingers were meant to look like wrapped gifts. The rest of her nails received a simple gold French tip topped with gold flakes.

Barbara’s nails, OPI Red My Fortune Cookie, MAC Originality, China Glaze Treasure Chest, white striper pen

Here Barb gets the full-blown treatment. Every single nail is a wrapped gift. The white nail striper pen got super gooey when I started on the horizontal stripes. Time to start hunting for a better one. The problem is that none of the major polish brands make them and so I have to resort to purchasing random ones at pasar malam stores.

Weifen’s nails, OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy (milky pink), China Glaze Ruby Pumps (red), MAC Originality (gold), China Glaze Treasure Chest (gold flakes), jewels, sunlight

Here I used virtually the same colours for Weifen for a more subdued look.

Cheryl’s nails, OPI Passion, China Glaze Treasure Chest

Cheryl insisted on having a non-adventurous nail colour. Does this still look somewhat festive?

Emily’s nails, OPI Red My Fortune Cookie, pale pink acrylic (polka dots), white acrylic (ribbon)

This doesn’t really go with the theme save for the title of the red polish, which mentions fortune cookies. Nonetheless, this is my favourite out of the bunch and I can probably use it again in late February for Valentine Day manicures.

Alicia’s nails, evening light

Alicia’s nails deserve honourable mention for their sheer tackiness. This gel manicure was done by a freelance manicurist. While there was neither gold nor red, this reminded me of Chinese dancers with their sweeping flowery costumes and fit our theme today.

China Glaze Classic Camel

China Glaze Classic Camel is from the 2010 Fall Vintage Vixen collection. It is a gold-tan colour with very pretty glimmering gold shimmer. It is one of those pretty-ugly colours that you love or hate. I happen to love it! The only complaint is the formula, which is slightly gritty. You need to have a lot of patience and use thin layers and let dry between coats to get a perfect application.

Here I’m comparing with MAC In The Buff, which is another one of those love-it-or-leave-it colours. The difference is that In The Buff has no shimmer and has green undertones. These are all great alternatives to those typical OPI nudes that are so sheer you need three to four coats to see anything.

Rosiva’s nails, Classic Camel + Light As Air + black nailart pen

OPI You Don’t Know Jacques

Two coats, sunlight

You Don’t Know Jacques is arguably the most popular lacquer from OPI France collection of Fall 2008. When I first wore it, I thought it was brown. Then an hour later, it looked grey. Coupled with rather strong purple undertones, you can understand why people love this complex colour.

I like it but I would love it more if it were one shade lighter. When I wore this to work, my colleague expressed shock at my “goth nails.” Goth?!?!

Sherinz’s nails, with MAC Originality, white nail striper and Orly Matte top coat

This is what You Don’t Know Jacques looks like mattified. Sherinz thinks that this looks like frozen chocolate.

Three triangles

We call this the “Three triangles” pattern, which consists of three different geometric shapes on a nail and having it all come together with a jewel right smack in the middle of the colours.

Alicia is modelling her own creation here. This is China Glaze For Audrey as the base colour, MAC Blue India as the darker blue triangle and Pop Beauty O Boy as the pink shape.

And here are both hands! I made her pose in this ridiculous manner because she looked unnaturally womanly that day with her maxi dress and satin-like shawl.

Orly Snowcone

Snowcone is a very unique cornflower-blue creme shade from Orly’s Spring 2010 Sweet collection. Very thick, as with all the pastels, but the formula is better than China Glaze Up and Away range.

On my toes, with China Glaze Snow Globe as a top coat. I wore this combination to work. Yes, all colours are work-friendly to me.

Liyen’s nails – Snowcone paired with MAC Blue India

MAC Originality

This metallic gold/copper/bronze colour is part of MAC’s Pret-a-Papier Spring 2010 collection. Hands are kindly provided by Serena, whose foundation shade is Everyday Minerals in Buttered Tan. She is slightly tanner than I am. What a gorgeous colour! It’s like she dipped her hands into liquid metal.

I wish my hair were this shade of gold! Failing which, I have to settle for admiring her nails in MAC’s Originality.

MAC In The Buff

I love weird colours. MAC nail polish In The Buff was released with its To The Beach Collection and is easily the weirdest colour I own. Described by MAC as a “muted avocado,” this shade is a pale yellow-brown-green on me, much like a rotting avocado. Application is fantastic. It’s on par with MAC Blue India and was opaque in two coats.

When Serena saw this on me, she immediately shrieked and said, “Your nails are the colour of kaya!”

I present to you MAC Kaya.

I think that In the Buff is ugly in a very chic way. But if you really can’t stand the colour, maybe a strip of light metallic brown would help tone down the nastiness.

MAC Blue India

Beautiful blue-grey colour. I had to buy this off eBay because I hesitated too long, and before I knew it, it was gone in all MAC stores.

Here’s Blue India on Liwen’s nails, which are much shorter than mine.