OPI Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ


OPI Mrs O'Leary's BBQTwo coats, sunlight

This vampy creme is a classic from OPI, which was released as part of the Chicago collection. It’s a plummy-brown red creme. The balance between brown and purple and red is just perfect. When I saw this colour on my colleague for the very first time, I gasped. “What colour is this? I have to have it!” I first thought it looked like a beautiful brown-red on her but later when I had a chance to buy it, I noticed it looked more brown in certain light and more purple elsewhere.

OPI Mrs O'Leary's BBQ comparisonWith China Glaze Branding Iron

Sorry I know this is a terrible comparison but I don’t have another vampy red to compare with Mrs O’Leary’s. I don’t normally wear vampy colours so I was terribly pleased to find one that I loved. This is a lousy comparison with China Glaze Branding Iron, which is the closest to a “vampy” I could find in my cupboard. Apart from the obvious fact that Branding Iron has shimmer while Mrs O’Leary’s is a creme, I hope this photograph gives you some idea of the what it would like compared to a redder polish. Also, this is an instance when the polish looks more purple than brown when hit by direct sunlight.

China Glaze Branding Iron

Cynthia’s nails: two coats, sunlight

Branding Iron is a brown red with glowy red shimmer from the China Glaze Fall 2008 Rodeo Diva collection. This was really easy to apply, like most shimmers. Not a personal favourite because of the shimmer (I think I’m beginning to realise I’m more a glitter person), but I can appreciate how well made this colour is. There is a very lit-from-within quality about Branding Iron.

Rosiva’s nails: two coats, indoor flash

Photographing it under flash really brings out the glowiness. On a side note, Rosiva wore this colour to attend her friend’s wedding.