Urban Decay Magic Bus

2 coats, sunlight

Urban Decay Magic Bus is a bright orange creme. Unlike Psychedelic Sister, this was very easy and smooth to apply and was nearly opaque in one coat. It’s a very festive colour that reminds me of mandarin oranges and will be very appropriate for Chinese New Year.

With black acrylic paint + China Glaze White Cap

I’m not sure if these look like oranges. Do you feel like sinking your teeth into them?

I forgot which gold polish I use but here’s an attempt at a Chinese New Year look.

Urban Decay Psychedelic Sister

2 coats, sunlight

This has got to be my favourite colour out of the Urban Decay Summer of Love collection. It is a pink-based red creme that’s quite unique in my (small) collection of reds.

Psychedelic Sister (left side) vs OPI Red My Fortune Cookie (right side)

You can see the pink tones more clearly in this picture, where I compare Psychedelic Sister side-by-side with OPI Red My Fortune Cookie. Application was quite poor. The formula was thick and stringy at times and I had to add thinner.

Red polish always looks good with white polka dots. I’m not sure if the Claire’s brand of nail striper is something special because the ones sold on eBay without any brand name look almost the same. This one comes with a brush and a metal tip, where you can squeeze out a teeny amount of white paint.

This look was inspired by this:

Emily’s nails, iPhone picture

Emily did this manicure in Bangkok. Look how pretty the lace design is, compared with my clumsy and gloopy ones.

Urban Decay Aquarius

Three coats, sunlight

Aquarius is a green-blue shimmer polish from Urban Decay’s Summer of Love collection. I applied two coats at first but then went over the bald spots with another so I think most of the nails ended up with three coats. It’s not really a colour that I would wear on its own so this stayed on me for only two days. However, it does look good when paired with other polishes.

With MAC Blue India and silver nail striper, sunlight

And here’s Aquarius with one of my all-time favourite polishes, MAC Blue India. I kept this manicure on for more than a week because of Blue India.

With Urban Decay Love Light, sunlight

This manicure was done some time back when I was obsessed with the whole nude nail and coloured french tips look. Love Light isn’t really a typical nude. It’s a very shimmery light pink that I think is an interesting alternative to the usual sheer milky nudes.

So here we are, halfway through the Urban Decay Summer of Love collection. Stay tuned for more!

Nicole The Grape Debate

Barbara’s nails, two coats, sunlight

The Grape Debate, from Nicole by OPI’s 2010 Holiday collection, is a dark plum creme. I like it because you can clearly tell it is purple even though it’s a dark shade, unlike one of those many near-black shades that look black most of the time (I’m looking at you, OPI Here Today, Aragorn Tomorrow).

I like this shade. I think it looks quite sophisticated and it’s definitely work appropriate.

Anna’s nails, with Nicole Glitz and Glisten

Nicole’s Glitz and Glisten came together with The Grape Debate when I purchased it in the US. The back of the box suggested that we use Glitz and Glisten as a French tip, so we tried that on one hand and it turned out quite well.

Urban Decay Hashbury

2 coats, sunlight

Hashbury, the third polish from the Urban Decay Summer of Love collection, looked good in the bottle but turned out looking quite cheap on my nails. In the bottle, you can see a rich glowing purple with blue shimmer. On my nails, you see blah.

With orange acrylic paint

My attempt to prettify Hashbury did not work as well because orange just looks bad with shimmery purple. In my defence, the paint tube said Vermilion and I didn’t know what the colour Vermilion was. It was only after I broke the seal did I realise that it was a shade of orange.

And one more picture of the manicure just because it features Pudding’s adorable paws.