Claire’s Flirty/Shy

2 coats, sunlight

Weifen’s nails, 2 coats, iPhone photo

This is one of Claire’s mood changing nail polishes and it changes colour based on temperature. At warm temperatures (which is basically the colour you see when you go outdoors in Singapore), the colour of the polish is “Shy” – a bright medium blue.

Anna’s nails, 2 coats, indoor

Flirty, on the other hand, turns up when the temperature is cooler, deepening into a lapis lazuli blue. Anna’s nails are a different colour because she was sipping hot coffee in the freezing cold of New York so most of her nails turned “shy.” If your nails are long enough, the tips and the nail bed should turn different colours.

This was a fun polish, although I’m sure that if I could try it on someone with longer nails to see the gradient effect, it would be more incredible. Any volunteers? 🙂