Nubar Yellow Primrose

Lydia’s nails, 2 thick coats, sunlight

Trixy’s nails, 2 coats, indoor lighting, iPhone picture

Yellow Primrose, from Nubar’s 2011 Spring Garden collection, is a pale buttery yellow creme with the faintest of all shimmers (I couldn’t see it, but Alicia, who detests shimmer, spotted it with her eagle eyes). The colour is super gorgeous but application leaves much to be desired. This is actually a three-coater because two thin coats leave behind some bald spots. But because I hate applying three coats of anything, I chose two careful thick coats instead. As you can see from the photo, it’s still not perfectly even though. Nonetheless, the colour is absolutely stunning and reminds me of vintage lace.

I bought this off eBay. I don’t think Nubar is available in Singapore and its online store only ships within the US.

Lydia’s nails, with China Glaze Wagon Trail, Nubar 2010

Lydia wanted to hid the roundness of her nail tips, so we decided to go with a blackish-colour triangle design. I used Nubar 2010 (which contains pretty duochrome flakes suspended in clear polish) over Wagon Trail to create more depth. You can see the green, yellow and red glowing prettiness most clearly in the third picture.

With OPI Black Shatter

Like black paint splashed over a yellowing canvas?

Alicia’s nails, with black acrylic paint, iPhone picture

This is my favourite nail art design with Yellow Primrose.


Chine Glaze Peachy Keen

2 coats, sunlight

Wow finally! The last item from my China Glaze Up and Away collection – Peachy Keen! This is a pastel peachy orange that make a great summery colour (in Singapore’s case, when you go to the beach then, since everyday is sunny). I think I added thinner to the polish because it was thick when I received it. Now there’s a strange yellowish line in the bottle but it doesn’t seem to be affecting the quality so I’m just going to ignore it.

Alicia’s nails, (from pinkie to index): Orly Snowcone, China Glaze For Audrey, Peachy Keen, Lemon Fizz

Here we have a pastel rainbow on Alicia’s nails. The dots on her tips were applied using white acrylic paint and a toothpick.

With Urban Decay Psychedelic Sister (red) and Urban Decay Woodstock (pink), black nail striper pen

Okay… so I went a bit mad with the colours here and ended up looking like a clown exploded on my nails. I wanted to test out these new Urban Decay polishes I received (more on that later).

China Glaze Refresh Mint

2 coats, sunlight

China Glaze Refresh Mint is the latest addition to my pastels family. This is part of the Spring 2010 Up and Away collection. It is a pale mint green that turns opaque in two coats. Application was a bit iffy and I thought it was slightly more difficult to apply than the other pastel polishes in the range. It was thick and watery at the same time, which means that the paint bled more easily at the cuticles. Nonetheless, I love this incredible vintage green colour.

Maggie’s nails, 2 coats, with MAC Originality, iPhone picture under artificial light

I haven’t been carrying my camera around recently so this explains the deluge of iPhone-taken photographs. The colour in this picture is not accurate. The very first photograph at the top of the post is. Maggie’s nails were a lot prettier in real life and resembled (in another colleague’s words) a China teacup with the green and gold.

Emily’s nails, (all China Glaze) Refresh Mint, Millenium, Something Sweet, iPhone photo

Yup, another inaccurate iPhone photograph. Here I paired Refresh Mint with Something Sweet for Emily’s Christmas-themed nails.

2 coats, with China Glaze Matte Magic Flat Finish Top Coat, sunlight

I have Refresh Mint on my big toes, along with other China Glaze pastels on the rest, topped with China Glaze’s matte top coat.