MAC Delicate

3 coats, sunlight

MAC Delicate is from the Summer 2012 collection. It is a sheer milky pink that is too translucent to be opaque even with three coats. I believe this is limited edition. I’m not sure why I bought it as I have something very similar. Behold:

2 coats each of MAC Delicate and Essie Hi Maintenance

As you can see, it’s very similar to this Essie colour. Delicate has a more milky tinge that is lacking from Hi Maintenance but it’s hard to tell them apart with a casual glance. Also, Hi Maintenance applies a lot better and you can see from the photo that it is streak free whereas Delicate is uneven in some places.

With Zoya Luna and OPI Rainbow Connection

I usually reserve sheers for French or glitter tips. In this case, I have MAC Delicate with two glitters, a silver one and a multicoloured one. I just received Rainbow Connection in the mail from eBay (gulp) and I just had to try it.


Urban Decay Love Light

2 coats, sunlight

Love Light, the last polish from the Urban Decay Summer of Love collection, is sheer with suspended silver glitter bits. I wouldn’t wear this on its own because it’s basically colourless.

Here I layer Love Light over other polishes, such as Zoya Raven, the black polish on my index finger, as well as the three other Urban Decay cremes.

With China Glaze Re-fresh Mint

But my favourite use for such polishes is in French manicures, particularly with coloured tips like my mint green ones here.

So here ends my review of the collection and thanks for looking!

Valentine’s Day manicure

I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. It’s a non-event for me, especially when it falls on a work day. When I was in secondary school, the teachers did not let us call it “Valentine’s Day.” Instead, it was “Friendship Day.” That encouraged a lot of little notes and gifts between members of the opposite sex under the innocent guise of “friendship.”

But Valentine’s Day, like all other festivals, is a great reason to paint nails! And what screams V-Day more than pink, white and red?

Weifen’s nails, Essie Hi Maintenance, Orly Pointe Blanche (white), China Glaze Sugar High (pink), iPhone picture

Weifen received pink polka dots for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, the dots were a little tiny so she said they looked like measles. Seriously, if anyone wants to do polka dots, make sure you get your hands on acrylic paint because it will make your life so much easier. It’s more liquid and you can mix in water if you need a thinner formula for intricate designs. Acrylic paint is sold in art-supplies stores. Art Friend is a good place to start.

Orly Cupcake (light pink), Claire’s 18 (bright pink), white nail striper pen, Essie Hi Maintenance (sheer pink), sunlight

Candy nails! Okay I know I called the Claire’s polish “18” but I seriously doubt that’s the right name. It’s just a number at the bottom of the bottle but since I can’t find the name anywhere, “18” it is. Essie Hi Maintenance, which is a sheer pink, is used as an overall wash to tone down the stark white lines. It’s extremely useful and I’ll talk more about it in another post.

OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy

Two coats, sunlight

Three coats, sunlight

OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy! I must admit that I was more drawn to its name than the actual colour itself. As you can see above, this is one of those sheer OPI nudes that makes no sense to me. Well, unless you’re trying to do a French manicure, which in my case wouldn’t work because I need a colour that covers up my very white tips. It does have an interesting yellow/buttery tinge to it though, which makes it more unique than sheer pinks.

I have seen pictures of Coney Island applied with four to five coats. Only then do you seem some semblance of a colour. But it’s my personal philosophy (out of laziness) that nail polish should not go beyond three coats.

With China Glaze Classic Camel

Felicia’s nails, with China Glaze Millenium and jewels, flash

Dim light

I’m starting to like Coney Island more and more. I like its unique milkiness and it’s so much more interesting in a French manicure.

China Glaze Treasure Chest

1 coat, natural light

2 coats, natural light

Tresure Chest is a clear base filled with hexagonal-shaped gold glitter chunks. It’s clearly not meant to be used on its own, so I tried to layer it over other polishes.

Okay, so I tried it over (from thumb to pinkie): red, black, vampy red, green and yellow. It’s so garish over red, but I guess it would be very appropriate during Chinese New Year (red and gold being auspicious colours). I think it looks the best over yellow, which is China Glaze Lemon Fizz, and green, OPI Jade Is The New Black.

Amanda’s nails, OPI Passion, China Glaze Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest is also excellent for French tips as it’s quite dense. And the great thing about glitter is that you don’t need to be super neat with the lines. Amanda thinks that OPI Passion makes her nails look like they have undergone a gel manicure.

Pop Beauty O Boy + Pop Beauty Grass

Melissa’s nails, 2 coats, sunlight

Pop Beauty is a UK-based brand that can be found in Sephora. They have quite a large range of nail polish and the colours tend toward neon and bright. Surprisingly though, their nude nail polish called O Boy was what stood out for me. It is a beige-pink colour with micro silver shimmer. You definitely don’t see the shimmer unless you’re standing under the bright sun. You can see faint silver speckles on Melissa’s second finger. This is also the only nude I own. I think that you only need one nude lacquer because well… how much can they vary, right? This is my perfect nude; just enough pink and beige to achieve that classy look. This was two coats.

Serena’s nails, artificial light

Sorry for the poor quality photograph. This was taken with my iPhone camera. Here’s some nail art with O Boy as the base, followed by China Glaze Lemon Fizz and China Glaze Peachykeen. And a pink-coloured gem right in the middle for good measure.

Felicia’s nails, Essie Hi Maintenance, Pop Beauty O Boy, artificial light

Here O Boy is layered over Essie Hi Maintenance, a sheer pink colour. The white polka dots are dotted on with one of those metal tools. As with all young girls who fidget, Felicia destroyed several of her nails within 10 minutes.

Grass is the second one I own from this brand. My picture makes it look blue, but in reality, there isn’t any. It’s a medium grass green shade that applied smoothly but was not opaque enough for my liking. This was three coats.

A comparison with OPI Jade is the New Black (two coats) on my second and third fingers. What can I say? JITNB is love.

OPI Heart Throb + OPI Do You Lilac It?

OPI Heart Throb is a sheer pink that became 70% opaque with two coats. I don’t think this looks good in two coats. One coat made my nails look really healthy and glowy, but two made them look cheap. OPI Do You Lilac It? from the Original Brights collection, is a light-medium purple creme and is also two coats here.

I’m not overly excited about the colour combination, but I went for a manicure and decided to choose colours I did not have and, in essence, did not really like. The only problem is that I feel blah when I look at my nails and I’m itching to try my other more exciting polishes from my recent haul. (Hoping secretly that my manicure chips quickly)