Random nail art

I have been too busy to do any swatching recently so here are some random nail art pictures. The lighting tends to be quite poor because we usually meet in the evenings to prettify our nails. Daylight pictures are hard to come by nowadays!

My favourite is the first picture. The pink and gold nails are very pretty but so tedious!

Alicia’s nails, China Glaze Something Sweet and China Glaze Sugar High

Emily’s nails, Zoya Moxie

China Glaze Refresh Mint and OPI Jade is the New Black

Alicia’s nails, no idea what these polishes are because she did them with a professional manicurist

Orly Royal Navy

2 coats, sunlight

Let’s take a break from the Urban Decay Summer of Love collection and swatch one of my favourite polishes – Orly Royal Navy. I first heard about it from Scrangie. Her passion for this royal blue colour was so contagious I had to purchase it off eBay. When I first applied it, I was struck by how quickly it dried. There is some neon pigment in this, similar to the cremes in the Urban Decay collection, so it dried semi-matte. It was only after two coats did I see the micro turquoise glitter. But creme lovers, do not worry, the micro glitter is so subtle that you have to stare at your polish to realise that it’s there.

With OPI Alpine Snow (matte) and Zoya Charla

Here’s my blue pudding manicure. Okay the lines aren’t particularly straight but hopefully you will be too entranced by the pretty blue colours to notice!

Zoya Luna

I’m in love with all my Zoya polishes. I like the size of the brush (unlike OPI’s Pro wide brush that is too large for nail art) and the creaminess of the formula (applies like buttah, baby). Today, I’m going to introduce Zoya Luna to you, which is one of the most versatile colours for nail art.

3 coats, sunlight

2 coats, sunlight

Zoya Luna is a pale grey polish with dense silver glitter from the Ultra Glitter 2009 winter collection. I didn’t put top coat on the swatches so you can see every bump on my nails. If you want to wear this on its own, three coats are needed as two coats will still expose your pinky nail bed.

However, the main use for Zoya Luna is not as a base colour, although you most certainly can do that if you have a New Year countdown party to attend. Instead, this is excellent for glitter tips. Behold:

Melissa’s nails, OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy, Zoya Luna, China Glaze Nova, red and silver jewels, sunlight

Emily’s nails, OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy, Zoya Luna, random small glitter, pink and white pearls, silver jewels, iPhone

Once again, sorry for the poor quality iPhone pictures. Anyway, the concept is the same for both manicures. First you apply a sheer French manicure base (as I only have one, that means OPI Coney Island), followed by Zoya Luna, which you pat on with the brush. To create texture and a slight gradient effect, use a smaller glitter over Luna and extend it beyond so that the you can see the glitter become less sparse towards the cuticle. Follow up with jewels and pearls. Ideally, you should put plenty of them, as in Emily’s nails, to create the denseness at the tips, but it may not be very practical if the person is not very careful with her nails. The more jewels, the more chances of you hitting them against something.

With Zoya Raven (black), China Glaze White Cap (gold shimmer)

Here’s a suggested look if you really, really need to use Zoya Luna as the base colour.

Zoya Moxie

Alicia’s nails, 2 coats, sunlight

Zoya Moxie, from the Spring 2009 Twist collection, is a deep bold raspberry creme. Like most Zoya cremes, the texture was incredibly smooth and easy to apply. I bought this to match my beloved Bobbi Brown Raspberry pot rouge.

While raspberry colour may not be the in-thing right now, it’s still a very flattering colour. Bobbi Brown herself mentioned something about how raspberry suits every skintone.

My mom’s nails, 2 coats, sunlight

My mom absolutely adored Zoya Moxie and she is a tough customer. Older folks tend to veer towards boring reds and pinks, and for her to like a colour I bought was quite awesome indeed!

Zoya Shawn

2 coats, sunlight

Zoya Shawn is an incredible creme green with yellow undertones. It’s from the Zoya’s recent Fall 2010 Wonderful collection that contains five other shades. Shawn was the only one I had to get my hands on. I already have OPI’s Jade is the New Black, so any other green that came along had to be incredibly unique and Shawn certainly fits the bill.

2 coats, flash

I’m wearing Shawn for Halloween this Saturday to match my army outfit. It’s the perfect shade of camouflage green! The camera’s flash really brought out the yellow undertones of the polish.

Alicia’s toes, 2 coats, shade

Shawn is a bit darker – and not as pretty – when you view it in the shade. Here Alicia painted white flowers on her big toes. Rather cute, don’t you think?

Zoya Ivanka

This is my second nail polish from Zoya’s Summer 2010 Sparkle range. Ivanka is the green counterpart to Charla. The mass of green and yellow glitter is so dense that it looked like a green foil pasted on my nails. I love this shade of deep, money-coloured green. Do you think they called it Ivanka for Ivanka Trump? Very apt. This was three coats.

Ivanka painted on Juliana. She has long, rounded and curved nails, so it looks way more glamourous on her.

Zoya Charla

Charla is from the Sparkle range from Zoya’s summer 2010 collection. This is an incredible green-blue colour with yellow-green glass-flecked glitter. Nail bloggers have compared it to a mermaid’s tail. I also paired this colour with OPI Miso Happy With This Colour.

Night shot on Shuhui’s nails. You can see it gleaming in the dark. She insisted that Zoya Charla was green and that her colleagues asked why she painted her nails green, even though the evidence says otherwise.

Zoya Raven

Zoya Raven is a black jelly with an almost imperceptible sliver shimmer. I see some slight silver flecks in my bottle, but I don’t see them on my nails at all. Scrangie says that it is an exact dupe to Chanel’s Black Satin. While I like the jelly finish, I found application a pain because the formula was so thick. The first layer was okay but the polish started pooling on the second application. Perhaps I should have waited longer in between coats.

And because I enjoy having many colours on my nails, I could not resist adding Zoya’s Ivanka on the tips. Zoya describes it as a “mermaid green sparkling metallic. An expensive-looking metallic shade for summer”. One day, I’m going to apply these super sparkly colours on their own. The picture above was taken with flash to show you the green sparkles.

OPI Miso Happy With This Color

Cheryl’s nails, 2 coats, iPhone picture

2 coats, artificial light

OPI Miso Happy With This Color was released in 2005 as part of the Japanese collection and has now been discontinued. My friend managed to unearth one in Raffles Place. A pink-based nude with slight lilac undertones, this was three coats and still very streaky. The interesting thing about this colour is that it turns up a beige-nude on my friend, but looks very pink on me.

To add a little kick to this tame colour, I added Zoya Charla on the tips. Zoya Charla is part of the 2010 Sparkle collection. According to Zoya’s website, “Zoya Nail Polish in Charla can be best described as: tropical blue sparkling metallic. An expensive-looking metallic shade for summer.”

This was also purchased at Raffles Place at a pushcart in Change Alley.

Cheryl’s nails, with pink glitter and jewels, artificial light

I think this is by far Cheryl’s favourite nail polish because she wears it all the time.