China Glaze Millenium

Alicia’s nails, 2 coats, sunlight

Millenium is from the 2009 Khrome collection, and is part of six other metallic colours. This is pure liquid silver and you can (almost!) see your reflection in your nails. The formula is excellent: smooth, opaque and dries very quickly. On the other hand, flaws show up easily so if you have any bumps or uneven ridges on your nails, it’s not very forgiving.

It’s a little crazy to wear on its own so I haven’t. However, I have used this extensively as French manicures and for nail designs, as you can see in the previous two posts. It’s really nice for Christmas- and New Year-themed nails.

With China Glaze Sugar High, artificial light

I dug up this old photograph of Millenium with Sugar High. Whoops! Can’t believe how shoddily painted it is. But anyways, you get the picture.

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