OPI Alpine Snow (matte)

Alicia’s nails, 3 coats, sunlight

Alicia’s nails, 3 coats, artificial light, iPhone picture

Alpine Snow (matte) is a stark white polish and was a bitch to pain. Three coats were needed here not because the pigmentation was thin but because it streaked so badly. I couldn’t paint this at all, so Alicia did this on her own. She just applied the lacquer very quickly in quick globs because it dried almost instantly. I bought this thinking I could use it for French tips but it’s rather impossible.

With China Glaze Snow Globe, one coat

With China Glaze Treasure Chest, 1 coat

The white polish was great for layering. I prefer the look with Snow Globe, a clear polish with irridescent rainbow-coloured glitter pieces.

Amanda’s nails, with Zoya Raven, artificial light, iPhone picture

You can also alternate Alpine Snow with a black polish. Amanda wore this to Halloween.

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