2 coats, sunlight

NARS Zulu from the Vintage Nail collection 2010! This was another goodie I picked up from Hong Kong. For years now, Zulu was revered as one those super hard to find collectors’ polishes. Now that NARS has re-released this shade, it means that people late to the party can get their hands on the coveted colour. Now onto the colour description: this is a dark green jelly that dries super glossy (no top coat here). Formula was good, only marred by the small brush and the un-ergonomic square cap. There is some streakiness because I’m not used to the tiny brush and I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to make the polish neat along the cuticles.

1 coat Zulu vs 1 coat OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, sunlight

I thought Zulu would be really similar to OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, so I did a comparison swatch. A huge difference when it’s just one coat! Zulu is a rich forest green and Aragon (ring and pinkie) is mossy and a lot less opaque.

2 coats Zulu vs 3 coats Aragon, sunlight

At full opacity though, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference, given that both belong in the almost-black categories. It will most certainly fail the boyfriend test (“Which colour do you prefer, dear?” “Err… they are both the same, aren’t they?” “No no… they are different!” “Err… they are both black, no?”)

2 coats Zulu vs 2 coats China Glaze Wagon Trail

So here’s another comparion with another near-black colour, China Glaze Wagon Trail. There is a clear difference this time, largely because of the golden-olive shimmer in Wagon Trail.

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  3. Morgen
    Feb 19, 2012 @ 09:06:42

    i think that the color is way too dark for me!! 🙂


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